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  • 4 Benefits To Choosing An In-Home Care Provider

    When a loved one starts to need more help on a daily basis, it's time to think about getting professional care. Some families have a hard time choosing between enrolling their loved one in a facility or looking at other options. Home care can be a great way to get extra help. Take a look at the following information to better understand the benefits of choosing an in-home care provider.  [Read More]

  • Aesthetics Of Regional Anesthesia: Deciding Which To Use During Knee Arthroscopy

    If you're about to undergo knee arthroscopy, you know you'll have a choice of anesthesias to choose from, mainly local, regional, and general. Your doctor may have a particular one that he or she prefers to use, but if you have a choice and you choose regional, you may have a further choice to make. There are different types of regional anesthesia that differ in how long the anesthetic is applied and where it is applied to. [Read More]

  • Understanding How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help You

    Many women all around the world have body image issues and so-called "problem areas" that they want to work on and change in their physique. However, sometimes the reasons that they want to change their bodies go beyond just aesthetics and insecurity and have to do with physical comfort and health as well. Women with large breasts, for example, may benefit from undergoing breast reduction surgery. If you are wondering whether or not this procedure would be beneficial to you, get to know more about the ways that breast reduction surgery can affect the health and appearance of your body. [Read More]

  • Little One Need Palate Surgery? Simple Ways To Give Them The Care They Need During Recovery

    If your little one was born with a cleft palate, you're probably concerned about the surgeries they will need to repair the damage. Medical problems can make you feel helpless. Your baby's medical needs will be taken care of by professional health care providers. However, there are still things that you can do to care for your little one. Once your baby comes out of surgery, they will experience some pain and discomfort. [Read More]

  • Keeping Seniors Safe With Walk In Tubs

    Trips, slips, and falls can be a common problem among the elderly. For older adults who live alone, this threat is especially prevalent. When it comes to the bath and shower, many older people are victims of falls when attempting to get in or out of the tub. Walk in tubs provide a safe alternative and can help prevent these kinds of accidents from occurring. What Are Walk In Tubs? [Read More]

  • Strategies To Manage Phantom Limb Pain

    Phantom limb pain (PLP) is experienced by many limb amputees. This phenomenon is the sensation that people experience after a limb is removed. While the limb itself is gone, painful sensations are still felt. Often this pain is experienced in what would have been the fingers or toes of the body. Phantom limb pain can feel like a burning, pressure, itching or aching, and can happen off and on for months or years after the removal of the limb. [Read More]

  • Why Pinkeye Should Be Diagnosed By An Optometrist

    Whether you're an adult that has just discovered you have pinkeye or if you have a child that has just come home from school with it, you shouldn't wait to make an appointment with an optometrist. Pinkeye is a condition that can stem from various sources, spreading rapidly from eye to eye and person to person, and it can also be an underlying symptom of something bigger. So if you discover pinkeye in the mirror or in someone you love, here's why you need to have it diagnosed by an optometrist as soon as possible. [Read More]

  • Sleep Apnea? 3 Less Invasive Alternatives To UPPP Surgery

    By far the most popular type of sleep apnea surgery over the past 25 years, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty removes a great deal of tissue from the back of the throat, including the entire uvula and portions of the soft palate and throat. The goal of the surgery is to open up the airway in an effort to lessen both the frequency and severity of sleep apnea episodes. Approximately 65 percent of people do see an improvement after UPPP surgery. [Read More]

  • What To Expect During Recovery From Kyphoplasty

    Kyphoplasty is a surgical procedure used to repair compression fractures in the vertebrae of the spine by using a special type of cement. Compared to other forms of back and spine surgery, kyphoplasty is less invasive and does not have the long recovery periods common with more complex back surgeries. If you are undergoing kyphoplasty, you can expect the following during your recovery: Post-Surgery Hospitalization In most cases, patients do not have to stay overnight in the hospital following kyphoplasty. [Read More]

  • 4 Avoidable Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Teeth

    Caring for your teeth can sometimes be tricky. Even if you brush and floss several times a day, little habits may be inadvertently sabotaging your quest for perfect teeth. Here are a couple of habits that you should change to protect your oral health: Drinking Sodas Most people are aware that the sugar in carbonated soft drinks is bad for your teeth. It feeds the oral bacteria in your mouth and promotes the development of plaque. [Read More]