Why Using An Electric Wheelchair Has Advantages Over Staying With A Manual Model

Posted on: 10 October 2017

If you need to spend several hours a day in a wheelchair and are dependent on one to stay mobile, then you should look into getting an electric model. Electric wheelchairs are easy to navigate and allow you to roam farther without wearing yourself out. Here are some ways an electric wheelchair can benefit you.

You Can Stay Independent

If you use a manual wheelchair all the time, you'll be dependent on your family in certain situations to maneuver you in tight spaces or when you get tired. With an electric wheelchair, you can be more independent. Choose a model that has a tight turn radius and you'll be able to move around in crowded restaurants, elevators, and shops all by yourself.

Your Family Is Spared The Exertion Of Pushing You

If you rely on your family to push you in a manual chair, they may have to exert themselves to the point of having a backache or getting sore arms from pushing the chair through uneven terrain or sand. As long as a wheelchair is on hard, level ground, and the grips are the right height so your family member doesn't have to stoop over to push you, then pushing a wheelchair is usually no problem. However, if you want to go to the park or an outdoor event, pushing the chair could be tiring for your family. An electric wheelchair with heavy duty tires can travel easily in grass, dirt, gravel, and uneven terrain so you can go where you want outdoors.

You Can Take Advantage Of The Newest Technology

An electric wheelchair can keep you mobile for hours if you choose one with a lithium-ion battery as opposed to a traditional acid battery. Lithium-ion batteries are also small and light so they make it easy to fold a travel chair and put it in the trunk so you can be on the go all day. If you spend hours each day in your chair, you may get tired and sore. One solution for this is to choose an electric wheelchair that raises you to a standing position. This prevents pressure sores and improves blood circulation. You may prefer being in a standing position while you cook or when you go places such as a museum so you can see exhibits better and talk to people at standing level. Some chairs that convert to standing wheelchairs also convert to reclining chairs. This allows you to stretch out for a nap or to rest comfortably and redistribute the weight on your body after sitting.

You can buy an electric wheelchair with these advanced technology features or you can buy a simple model that allows you to move around your home with more ease. Some are small and lightweight so you can take them when you travel and others are rugged for outdoor use and for climbing inclines. An important factor in choosing your new chair is to make sure it is a good fit for your weight and height so you are comfortable while you are in it.