Advantages Of Using The Abortion Pill To End An Unwanted Pregnancy

Posted on: 6 December 2017

If you're in the early stages of a pregnancy and have made the difficult decision that you wish to end it, your next step is to visit an abortion clinic to discuss your options. One choice that you'll need to make is whether you'll schedule a surgical abortion or arrange to take medication that will end your pregnancy. There's no "right" answer here — you need to decide which choice is better for you, and a counselor at the clinic can thoroughly discuss both options with you so that you can make an informed decision. If you're learning toward going the medication route, which people commonly refer to as using the "abortion pill," here are some advantages to consider.

You Can Go Through The Process At Home

Some people who wish to have an abortion prefer to do so at home, compared to visiting a clinic. While you'll need to attend the abortion clinic to take the first pill, you can take the follow-up medication home with you to take there. Going through this process in the privacy and comfort of home can be appealing for many people. For example, if you want your partner to be there with you, this is possible — at a clinic when you have a surgical abortion, the partner cannot typically be in the examination/surgery room at the same time as you.

It Can Seem Less Daunting

Most people are accustomed to taking pills, which makes the process of going through an abortion by selecting the medication route extremely easy. While trained staff make the surgical route as easy on the patient as possible, it can still be more daunting than the simplicity of taking a pair of pills. If you're sure that you want to end your pregnancy but you feel a little uneasy about the surgical route, using the abortion pill might be a better choice for you.

The Recovery Is Faster

The recovery process that follows a surgical can be extensive. For example, you will be advised not to have a bath, because of the risk of an infection, and you should also abstain from sexual activity for approximately two weeks. If you want to have a faster recovery period, the abortion pill may be a better choice for you. One noticeable difference is that you can have sexual activity whenever you want — there's no minimum time that you must wait. While you'll always want to assess how you feel about sex to determine when you're ready, the shorter wait period might be desirable.

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