Key Points Of Opting For Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Posted on: 17 May 2022

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is an option for those needing hormone replacement. Rather than using synthetic or chemical-based hormone therapy, you can opt for a natural choice. The natural choice is bioidentical. If you do not know about this therapy, there are a few things you should know and the key benefits of this option. By understanding these key points, you can make an educated choice on if this type of therapy is right for your needs. 

Identical Hormones

The first thing you need to know about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is what it is. This type of therapy uses hormones that are exactly like normal producing hormones. This means that on a molecular level, the hormones that are naturally produced are the same as those used in the replacement therapy. There are several ways this type of therapy is administered. Two of the most common are by administering it as a cream or ointment on the skin. The second is to insert a small size, usually the size of a rice grain, into the skin and have the hormone enter the body at the same rate as naturally occurring hormones would. 

Energy Benefits

One of the first things you may notice when you need hormone therapy is your lack of energy. You may think it is related to other medications, diet, or a lack of vitamins. Though these issues can contribute to a lack of energy, hormones can be part of it as well. When you have bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, you can see an increase in your energy. For some patients, this happens over time. The results do vary, but energy benefits are still a large benefit of this type of therapy, even if it takes some time. 

Sleep and Restfulness

Having a restful sleep is something many people do not have. This is especially true after you hit a certain age and your normal hormone production starts to decrease. The lack of restful sleep can affect various aspects of your life including your memory and your daily concentration. Hormone therapy, especially bioidentical therapy, can help your sleep patterns. With the use of other techniques, such as a sleep routine, you can see a drastic increase in not only your sleep, but in your quality of sleep as well. In fact, if waking up multiple times a night or sleeping too late and still being tired sound like issues you are having, talk to your doctor about this type of hormone therapy. 

If you feel that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is an ideal option for you, schedule an appointment with your doctor. They can help you with the choice to move forward with the therapy. They can also discuss things you should know about the therapy treatment and what the side effects may be.