• ACL Injuries And The Signs You Need A Sports Medicine Doctor

    For anyone who plays sports, an ACL injury is one of the scariest possible injuries you could suffer. In fact, ACL injuries can often be career-ending for professional sports players. The ACL is a ligament that holds your shin, thigh, and knee in proper alignment. An ACL injury can leave your knee weak, swollen, and unable to sustain any weight. Here's a look at what you need to know about seeking treatment for your ACL injury. [Read More]

  • Treatment Options For Narrow-Angle Glaucoma

    Narrow-angle glaucoma is an ocular disorder that causes elevated pressure behind the eye. Unlike open-angle glaucoma, narrow-angle glaucoma can cause severe eye pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, and eye redness. If not diagnosed and treated effectively, narrow-angle glaucoma can lead to total vision loss. Here are some vision treatment options your eye doctor may recommend that may help slow the progression of your glaucoma. Pressure-Lowering Eye Drops Eye drops that decrease high intraocular pressure are typically prescribed for those who have narrow-angle glaucoma. [Read More]

  • Benefits Your Pets Derive From THC-Free Pet CBD Oil

    Pets can benefit from cannabidiol (CBD) in their daily meals. It will keep them not only happy but safe and healthy. Giving your pet daily servings of hemp CBD oil that is free of THC naturally goes to work promoting cardiovascular function, neurological health, emotional behavior, and healthy joints. Other Benefits For Pets Hemp Oil for pets contains CBD and other cannabinoids that help to stimulate the natural endocannabinoid system inside their bodies. [Read More]

  • Seeing A New Physician? How To Prepare For Your First Appointment

    If it's time to find a new personal physician, make sure you're prepared for that first office visit. Meeting a new doctor for the first time can be stressful, especially if you're not prepared for the appointment. You'll have time to build the rapport. But, that first meeting will set the tone for all of your future appointments. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for that first appointment with your new physician. [Read More]

  • Spinal Injections For Pain Management

    Unfortunately, many Americans experience chronic back pain, and it can impact the way you do everything, from standing up to lying down. When you experience a significant amount of back pain, it can be a major source of trouble. You may struggle to work, care for a family, and generally enjoy life. Many people consider spinal injections as a way to manage their back pain. Is it a good alternative to surgery? [Read More]