Using Roll-On CBD for Acne Treatment

Posted on: 10 June 2021

Acne can be so stubborn and difficult to get rid of. A lot of this has to do with the fact that it is a multi-factorial condition. It may initially be brought on by bacteria, but hormone levels and individual sebum production variation can cause the blemishes to become larger, deeper, or harder to heal for some people. A lot of acne treatments address the bacteria, but not necessarily these other factors. If you are struggling to find an acne treatment for you, then perhaps it is time to try something different: CBD.

CBD can be an effective treatment for acne because it works by reducing inflammation. It makes takes the puffiness and redness out of blemishes, so even if they remain there, they should be less obvious. CBD can also help keep your skin from reacting to bacteria so excessively, thereby reducing the number of blemishes you develop.

There are several ways to apply CBD to your acne-prone skin, but one of the easiest options is to use a roller-style applicator. Here are some tips for success with this method.

1. Look for a reasonably strong CBD solution.

Acne can be pretty stubborn and pretty inflamed, so most people need a pretty potent dose of CBD to relieve it. You should therefore make sure you buy a more concentrated CBD solution in your roller. A 750 mg solution or even a 1,000 mg solution is ideal. A 500 mg solution may work if you have mild acne and your skin is pretty sensitive to CBD, but don't opt for a concentration this low unless that's your only option.

2. Opt for a precision roller.

In looking at various CBD rollers, you will likely find that some come with bigger roller heads, and others come with smaller roller heads. The applicators with big, 1-inch heads are really intended to be used by people with joint pain who want to apply CBD to larger areas. They'll work to relieve your acne, but they can make it hard to apply the CBD solution exactly where you want it. You'll have more control with a small, 1/4-inch roller head. This way, you can apply CBD on your blemishes without wasting a lot of product on areas you don't really need to treat.

3. Clean your skin first.

The one challenge with roller-style applicators is that they can wick some of the oils and residue on your skin up into the chamber that holds the CBD liquid. You don't want your CBD to become too contaminated with these substances. So, you should always wash your skin thoroughly before applying the roll-on CBD to your acne blemishes. Make sure the area is dry, too. You don't want to introduce water to the roller ball container, either.

4. Roll over the area a few times.

Sometimes, the tip of the roller applicator may dry out, and you may need to roll the ball around a few times to re-coat it in CBD. So, when you apply the CBD to your acne blemishes, don't just roll over them once. Roll back and forth over the area you are treating a few times. Make sure the area actually looks moist before you stop rolling. If your roller ball gets stuck, try putting the lid on the applicator and holding the whole thing in your hands for 10 minutes or so. This can warm up the container and the CBD fluid, getting things flowing once again.

CBD can be a great acne treatment, especially when applied with a roll-on applicator. If you're curious, consider trying roll-on gel 750mg and other products.