The Best Places For Botox Treatment

Posted on: 12 April 2021

If you are considering Botox, it is likely that you have already figured out where you see room for change. For example, you might feel like your forehead is aging faster than other parts of your face.

In fact, you may not have considered the many places where you can get Botox injections. These are a few options to consider for treatment.


Botox is commonly used to treat forehead wrinkles, which can gather horizontally and create a more aged appearance. These wrinkles are difficult to hide, so many people want to target them early on. The forehead is often the first place people receive Botox treatment because it is a common area for lines to appear early on.


The skin around the eyes can develop small lines and wrinkles. Often, crow's feet are the target for Botox. When you smile or laugh, a wrinkle may form at the crease of your eye. Botox can make this crease less apparent.

Sagging eyebrows are also a common issue treated by surgery, but Botox can also be helpful in relaxing the brows. If you are thinking about getting a brow lift, you might start with Botox to try a more minimal option ahead of time.


If you have frown lines, you aren't alone. These lines can make you look angry or sad even when you aren't. Botox can smooth out these lines so that your face appears more neutral.

Botox can also treat smoker's lines, which usually pop up when you make a kissing face or a look with pursed lips. Keep in mind that anybody can have these lines, not only those who smoke.

Your mouth might also benefit from treatment for marionette lines, which typically occur at the corners of the mouth. It can also prevent some of the drooping that sometimes occurs in the lips, though this process requires careful consideration because there are several muscles working in this area.


Your neck can also show signs of aging in the form of wrinkles and sagging, though these signs can be more subtle. Botox can allow for relaxation in these muscles, creating a more relaxed appearance, and thus smoother lines around the face.

Your Doctor Can Help

Botox injections can do a lot to impact your appearance and the way you feel. If you are excited to try Botox injections, discuss your treatment options with a professional to make sure you are a good candidate.