Creating A Cage Environment That Will Keep Your Hamster Happy And Healthy

Posted on: 25 February 2017

Having a pet can be a great way for young children to learn about unconditional love and responsibility. Many families live in apartment homes where cats or dogs are not allowed, so introducing a caged hamster to the family can be a great way to enjoy the benefits of pet ownership without violating your lease agreement.

Here are three things that you should keep in mind when it comes to setting up your hamster's cage that will help you keep your family's new pet healthy and happy well into the future.

1. Make sure your cage is large enough.

A cramped hamster will experience significant health and psychological setbacks. In order to ensure that your hamster has enough space to run and play, you need to invest in a cage that is large enough to accommodate your new pet.

Experts suggest that you purchase a cage that has at least 1000 cubic centimeters of floor space and is at least 19 centimeters in height. Going a little larger with your cage will just give your pet more room to move about his or her new home.

2. Keep your hamster's bedding consistent.

If at all possible, you should invest in the same type of bedding that your hamster is accustomed to. Using the same type of bedding provided by the pet store in your hamster's new cage will help his or her new home feel more familiar.

This reduces stress and anxiety, and helps your new pet settle into his or her new surroundings with ease. Be sure that you place enough bedding in the cage to cover the entire floor, and ensure that the bedding is deep enough to allow your hamster to burrow when he or she feels the need to do so.

3. Add some toys to entertain your hamster.

You don't want to put your new pet into an empty cage. Hamsters can get bored just like people do, so providing some toys that will serve as a cognitive and physical outlet for your hamster can be beneficial.

Your hamster will probably enjoy playing in a hamster wheel, and he or she may like running through a bubble maze as well. Purchase toys that are sized correctly for the cage your hamster will be housed in, since you don't want the cage to become too cramped.

Creating a cage environment that will keep your hamster happy and healthy doesn't have to be challenging. Be sure that you are taking your new pet's space, bedding, and entertainment needs into consideration as you set up his or her new cage at home. For more information, contact a company like Belaire Animal Hospital.