Reasons To Choose Home Care Over Hospice Care

Posted on: 17 February 2017

When you're dealing with an illness that has been deemed terminal, you'll often face the choice of deciding whether you wish to move into a hospice or other type of care facility, or whether you'd rather receive home care. While there are a number of benefits of moving into a care facility, you should also evaluate the advantages of home care. Many patients in this situation opt to receive home care for as long as possible, which may even include up to the end of their life. Here are some reasons why you may wish to choose home care.

You'll Enjoy Familiar Surroundings

Perhaps the biggest reason to select home care over moving into a care facility is that you'll be in a comfortable, familiar environment — your own home. While home care nurses will be visiting you regularly, and perhaps even staying with you around the clock, you'll have the satisfaction of staying in your own home. It's a comforting feeling, even if you're terminally ill, to spend your last months or weeks in a familiar environment surrounded by the possessions that bring you comfort. For example, you'll have access to photo albums, familiar furniture, and other things that aren't necessarily practical to take with you into a care facility.

You Won't Be Limited By Rules

One challenge of moving into a care facility is that there may be rules that feel a little limiting. One such rule involves visitors — visitors may only be allowed into your room during a small window of time each day, and the number of visitors may also be restricted. This can especially be the case if you're sharing a room with someone else. When you receive your care at home, you won't have to be limited by these rules. While you'll want to ensure that you don't receive too many visitors at a time, you can enjoy seeing all those who are important to you.

It Should Be Less Stressful

Stress is the last thing you need when you're dealing with a terminal illness; the very fact that you're ill is stressful enough. Moving into a care facility can unfortunately be highly stressful in several ways. You're away from your loved ones, you're eating food that you're unaccustomed to, and you may be living with a roommate in close quarters. Home care doesn't include any of these stressful situations, which should allow you to live out the rest of your life as relaxed as possible.

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