The Miraculous Daily Walk

Posted on: 19 October 2016

You live in an age when many people pursue the latest in anti-aging products and consume nearly endless supplements that promise to improve the quality of life. As it turns out, a daily walk may offer as many if not more benefits than many other things you can do. Setting aside just twenty minutes each day for a brisk stroll can bring you a number of benefits.


If you want to live a longer and healthier life, simply putting on your walking shoes and striding somewhere for around twenty minutes can do the trick. Studies show that a daily walk can extend your life by three to seven years, an extraordinary benefit for very little effort. People who are mobile can easily manage this simple act without putting undue strain on their bodies. You don't have to be particularly speedy, either. Just set what is a brisk pace for you and keep at it for the designated time.

Mental Benefits

Studies have also shown that pursuing regular physical activity lowers your chance of developing dementia and depression. If you can walk in a park or out in the countryside, the benefits may be even greater. Other studies have found that exposing yourself to natural settings can lower the levels of stress hormones in your body. You may be better able to focus throughout the day, and you should feel happier. Combining exercise with nature is a winning formula for your mental health.  

Physical Benefits

In addition to helping you live longer, walking helps you live better. Daily walking can lower your blood pressure, an issue that plagues many Americans. A daily walk can also help you manage Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic conditions as well. Weight-bearing exercise such as walking can help strengthen your muscles and bones, which helps prevent osteoporosis. Walking throughout your life can help you keep your flexibility and your coordination. In fact, walking may be prescribed by a chiropractor since walking can relieve back pain by releasing endorphins.

Perhaps the saying should be, "A walk a day keeps the doctor away." You really cannot over-estimate the value of a daily walk. For people whose joints cannot take running or more strenuous exercises, walking is eminently doable. The only equipment you need is a good pair of walking shoes and decent weather. If the weather doesn't cooperate, consider joining a group of mall walkers. Whatever path toward a healthy life you take, make sure it involves walking.