How Fat Extraction From Liposuction Is Used To Enlarge Or Reshape Sexual Areas Of The Body

Posted on: 31 July 2016

Have you always wished you were more well-endowed in the genital region rather than chubby in your mid-section? Ladies, have you ever wished your labia had a fuller, more youthful look, and that you had less abdominal fat? Maybe you wanted a rounder, larger derriere? You can accomplish all of the above through liposuction and fat extraction of your own fat cells, and here is how.

Bigger Bum

Some ladies want a bigger bum, or a rounder derriere. Whatever you call it, your buttocks are not as shapely as you would like. Reshaping your buttocks with your own body fat is easy. Your plastic surgeon uses liposuction to remove up to ten pounds of abdominal fat. Then he/she moves it to your backside, and injects all of that fat into your bottom cheeks, making sure the fat fills them out where you want most of the reshaping to go. 

Penis Enlargement

Penis envy is a real thing, but it does not have to be. While you cannot elongate your penis through this process, you can give your penis greater girth. Your plastic surgeon removes a little abdominal fat through liposuction, and then injects the fat into your penis. It is a time-consuming process, to be sure, since the fat has to be injected in such a way to leave you with a very symmetrical penis (i.e., not too lumpy on one side and not fat enough on the other side). It is also incredibly painful, for obvious reasons, but if you have your heart set on gaining some girth, this may be just the procedure for you.

Labial Rejuvenation

Labial rejuvenation is real, and it can be done a couple of different ways. One of the least painful and less invasive procedures is to remove fat from another area of your body. Then (like the penis enlargement) your plastic surgeon injects your own fat back into your labia. The result is labia that look like they have been re-inflated and filled out, which gives them a much more youthful appearance.

Breast Enhancement

Last, but not least, your own body fat can remake and reshape your breasts. Many women who have lost their breasts to cancer will often have this surgery, which takes a flap of skin and a mound of abdominal fat and creates a very real-looking and real-feeling breast in place of the missing one(s). You can also move fat from your abdomen into your breasts just to make your breasts larger and your abdomen flatter.

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