Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy | A Closer Look For Moms-To-Be

Posted on: 21 June 2016

A swollen midsection, aching back, and general pains that come along with housing a growing baby can make pregnancy one of the most uncomfortable experiences you ever have as a woman. If you have always counted on a chiropractor to help you out when you have general musculoskeletal issues, you may be thinking that nine months is far too long to do without a visit --especially at a time when you feel like you need it the worst. Here are a few of the most common questions moms-to-be tend to have about visiting a chiropractor while pregnant. 

So, is it safe to visit a chiropractor while pregnant?

It is perfectly safe to visit a chiropractor while you are expecting even though there are many misconceptions and myths about the topic among the general public. There may be some who have been turned down treatment when pregnant, but this is most likely because not all chiropractors will be equipped to treat a pregnant female in their office. Not only is it safe to visit one of these trained professionals for treatment during pregnancy, there are actually some chiropractors who specialize specifically in treating women who are either pregnant or trying to become pregnant. 

How can you even be treated when you can't lay on your belly?

When you envision a trip to see the chiropractor with a swollen belly, you probably conjure up some requested awkward pose because you no longer have the ability to lay on the flat treatment table. However, rest assured your chiropractor understands this little issue and will be prepared. There are actually treatment tables designed specifically for the treatment of a pregnant woman which have either indentations or cutouts for your swollen belly and breasts. 

What pregnancy symptoms may be alleviated through chiropractic care?

You will find that there are just as many reasons to visit a chiropractor while you are expecting as there are when you are just a normal patient. Pregnancy can come along with problems like: 

  • changes in your pelvic tilt, which affect how you walk and stand
  • pain in your spine due to changes in weight and weight distribution 
  • increased curvature of the spine that causes lower back pain 

All of these issues are ailments that could potentially be relieved to some degree just by visiting a chiropractor. In addition, some chiropractors use techniques that may help with controlling nausea, preparing for labor and delivery, and simply maintaining a healthier pregnancy overall. Contact a chiropractor like those at Citrus Chiropractic Group to learn more.