Transforming An Ordinary Wheelchair With Custom Pediatric Wheelchair Parts

Posted on: 28 January 2016

If your child has to rely in a wheelchair for their mobility needs, it can be difficult to make the medical device more attractive to a youngster. Even though most pediatric wheelchairs offer bright color choices and special design features, there is always a little room for customization. If you are on the lookout for wheelchair accessories that can transform the wheelchair your child already has and make it more suitable for their personality, there are a few cool custom accessories you should check out. 

1. Grip Wheel Covers - Cover the grips of the wheelchair with something your little one will not mind grabbing onto by adding a grip wheel cover. Grip wheel covers are made of soft elastic material that stretches over the rounded handle and these covers come in an array of fun styles and color choices. Because these covers are made with fabric, you may even be able to find covers that are crafted with favorite characters, shapes, or designs. Grip wheel covers can be removed, laundered, and replaced as needed for an added benefit. 

2. Customized Wheel Plates - The wheels of the average wheelchair are just an open space filled with spokes. Make this portion of the wheelchair more kid-friendly by having wheel plates added that are designed to your specifications. There are actually companies that have designers who work with customers to create cool wheel plates that have graphic images, text, or whatever else a customer may want, which gives you the opportunity to make the mobility device personally catered to your child's interests. 

3. Light-Up Wheel Accessories - Every child loves things that light up, so adding LED lights to a wheelchair for a young child is only a logical addition. LED lighting can be added to the wheels and every time your child is in motion the lights will activate. LED lighting can be one solid color or an array of different colors. Add one color of lighting that is your child's favorite or go with a rainbow of different colors for added personality. 

4. Vinyl Graphic Stickers - Just like you can get graphic stickers for your car, you can get graphic stickers  for a wheelchair. Vinyl graphic stickers can be designed to your specifications and then attached to the back of the wheelchair seat, the base of the chair itself, or even applied to foot rests, arm rests, or thigh supports. 

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