Understanding How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help You

Posted on: 10 December 2015

Many women all around the world have body image issues and so-called "problem areas" that they want to work on and change in their physique. However, sometimes the reasons that they want to change their bodies go beyond just aesthetics and insecurity and have to do with physical comfort and health as well. Women with large breasts, for example, may benefit from undergoing breast reduction surgery. If you are wondering whether or not this procedure would be beneficial to you, get to know more about the ways that breast reduction surgery can affect the health and appearance of your body. Then, if you are still interested, you can get in contact with a reconstructive surgeon to get the process started.

Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help With Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Women with large breasts can often experience back and neck pain that does not seem to subside or go away no matter what treatments or lifestyle changes they try. Oftentimes, primary care doctors suggest that losing weight can help to reduce such aches and pains because a lower body mass will also reduce the pressure that is placed on the spine.

However, women with naturally large breasts may find that even after they lose weight, their large breasts are still affecting them. By reducing the size and the weight of the breasts through breast reduction surgery, women can find the physical relief they need to finally get through the day without severe neck and back pain.

Breast Reduction Surgery May Resolve Sleep Issues

Much like the chronic neck and back pain, some women with large breasts may also experience continued difficulty sleeping. This is due in large part to the fact that breast tissue can get pinned or smashed under the body, causing discomfort for women who prefer to sleep on their sides or stomach. Sleeping on your back may also be an issue as the excess weight on your chest could cause breathing difficulties and discomfort.

Some women with large breasts choose to wear a bra even when sleeping to help remedy these issues and keep their breasts in place. However, the feeling of being constricted while sleeping can also disrupt sleep, making you feel chronically tired and sleep-deprived.

Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help You With Your Self-Esteem When Shopping

Having large breasts has both benefits and drawbacks of course. One of the most frustrating daily challenges for women with large breasts is finding clothing that is flattering overall but fits their larger-than-average chest. Many times, women's clothing is just not designed to accommodate large breasts, especially if the person with the large breasts is not larger in other areas of their body.

This can cause trouble when clothing shopping leading women with large breasts to feel low self-esteem as they struggle to find clothing that fits. Often, their breast size forces them to wear clothing that is several sizes too big for the rest of their body, making them feel as if they are wearing a large sack. This can lead to self-esteem issues.

Now that you know a few of the many ways that breast reduction surgery can help you in your daily life, you can contact a reconstructive surgeon and get the process started to get your breasts reduced.