Can My Teenage Daughter Get Dental Implants? Why Implants Are Ideal

Posted on: 28 April 2015

If your teenage daughter has a damaged tooth and you think it's going to fall out, you need to start looking at replacement options. Your daughter may be able to get a permanent solution, so they never have to worry about the tooth again.

There are a few factors that will determine if your daughter can get a permanent dental implant, or if you will have to explore other options. Here are a few reasons you want to talk with an implant specialist about the possibility of using an implant as a treatment option.

Benefits of Implants

The implant is ideal for replacement because it's the healthiest option for your teen, besides natural healthy teeth. It isn't going to come loose, shift or move while they eat or talk, and it feels and looks like a real tooth. Your teen can brush and floss like they did before the accident and the implant can last for a lifetime.

Qualifications and Restrictions

For teenage girls, it's ideal that they are at least 14-15 years old before they get implants. This is to ensure that the bones in the jaw are done growing and developing, to properly support the hardware associated with the dental implant. The dental professional will also take an x-ray to see if the bones are dense enough for the procedure.

The Procedure

The type of injury your teen has will affect if they are able to have their damaged tooth pulled out, and replaced with an implant right away. They may have to let the area heal from the injury before the synthetic tooth can be implants.

Once the area is ready, the tooth will be drilled and fused into the bone with titanium, and secured into place. It will fit in the tissue in place of the other tooth. Occasionally tightening may be needed over time.

Removable dentures can be a pain to deal with, and an oral bridge to replace the lost tooth isn't a permanent solution. Taking the time and having a permanent implant used in place of your teen's damaged tooth is an option that is going to keep their smile healthy for a lifetime, and it's going to allow them to smile with confidence. You won't have to worry about what your teen is eating, how a temporary solution is holding up for them, or the tooth falling out when you use an implant.

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