5 Types Of Charities For Children You Should Know About

Posted on: 31 March 2015

Donating to any charity is beneficial for your community and that includes children's charities. There are plenty of them and not all just want your money. Here are five types of charities for children you should know about:

  1. Toy Charities for Children: Toy charities for children is one that is increasingly popular during the holidays. However, these toy charities will accept toys at any time of the year. If your children have grown out of some of their toys, consider donating them to these charities. There are plenty of children who cannot afford the toys that you are able to provide for them. 
  2. Clothing for Infants: There are many infants born in the United States to unfortunate circumstances. Some don't have many clothes at all, which is why donating old infant clothing is such a great cause. Providing infants with clothes from charities ensures that they stay warm and comfortable during this delicate stage of their life. Most of this clothing will go to hospitals where they can leave with the poor mothers or infants who may be going straight into foster care or adoption services. 
  3. Food for Children: When people think of kids that are starving, they most often think of children living in third world countries. However, there are many children in the United States who aren't fortunate enough to afford healthy and nutritious meals throughout the day. There are plenty of charities that accept food for children in the United States and they will give it out to families with low incomes. 
  4. Safe Playgrounds: Playgrounds are a place where children should be able to go to enjoy themselves without having to worry about getting hurt. There are always improvements to make the playgrounds in any community much safer with new and improved equipment and better flooring that helps to cushion children should they fall. In order to improve these parks, communities need donations that can help fund the new construction. With updated equipment, all children can be able to enjoy the playground and play with other children safely. 
  5. Books for Children: Many children who come from low-income families find themselves without the resources needed to improve their education. Reading is such an important part of developing and understanding the world. This is why there are charities that accept book donations in order to provide low-income children with a form of learning that comes outside of the public school system.

By knowing about these different charities, you can be sure that you know what you can do to help the children in your own community and ensure that all your children's old books, toys, and more go to a good cause.