Picking Out Hearing Aids

Posted on: 20 February 2015

If you have been told you are a candidate for hearing aids, you are probably a little confused as to which type you would like to try to help your hearing. There are several different models of hearing aids available, so you will need to try different types to see which ones would work best for your specific wants and needs. Here are some tips you can use when picking out your first set of hearing aids.

Find A Reputable Dealer

The first step in getting a new set of hearing aids is to find an establishment in which you feel comfortable with the staff and the procedure they have in place for picking out hearing aids. You may want to visit several locations before deciding where you would like to make your final purchase.

When you find a spot that is conveniently located that makes you feel good when you walk inside, you may be ready to make your selection. Make sure the dealer you pick has a service department in case you have any mishaps with your new hearing aids, and find out what the procedure is for getting the hearing aids fitted.

Take A Hearing Test

You will need to have a hearing test done to see exactly how damaged your hearing is. This will help you determine what type of hearing aid would work best for your condition. An audiologist will be able to give you a standard hearing test and will make recommendations on which types of hearing aids would work best for you. The test will consist of listening to a series of tones while wearing a pair of headphones. 

Making Your Selection

If you are able to hear fairly well in quieter situations but have trouble in a crowded room, you may want to get hearing aids that have an easy adjustable volume so you will be comfortable in different settings. If you have a job where you are in the spotlight, opting for a more discreet hearing aid would be desirable. These things should be taken into consideration when making your final selection.

When trying on different types of hearing aids, bring along a friend to help test the volume and sound quality. They will be able to speak to you from across the room so you will be able to decide if their voice sounds correct. If you experience echoing or not enough volume, you will be able to try a different model until you find one that works to your liking.

For more information, contact a business such as Hearing Health Clinic.