The Dos Of An Independent Medical Examination

Posted on: 1 December 2014

After a serious accident, you may be injured. When filing an insurance claim for the injury, the insurance company may require you to go get an independent medical examination. This medical examination is done in order to determine the extent of the injuries and how much the insurance company should pay or if they should even pay anything. This is much like an insurance adjuster that comes out to your home in the event of any damage that may have occurred. They are there to determine the amount of damage.

It is important to realize that the medical examinations are done for the benefit of the insurance companies. These can be very beneficial for you and the insurance companies but it is important to make sure you go in prepared and know how to act during the examination.

What to do During Independent Medical Examination

1. Always be Completely Honest. The physician that is conducting the examination will be looking for injuries that were sustained. These doctors went to years of school and have more than likely been practicing medicine for years. They will know if you are telling the truth about your injuries or not. Make sure you are always being honest about your injuries.

2. Be Aware. These examinations are sometimes more that examinations. The physician and the staff may be monitoring you at all times to see if your actions correspond to your injuries. How do you move when you are not being examined? Is that consistent with your injuries? Just know and realize that you will be monitored constantly and act accordingly.

3. Do Not Volunteer Additional Information. You are there to get a medical examination. Information regarding who was at fault, and if you have filed other injury claims is not the business of the physician. They will need to know if you have had previous injuries and your medical history which you should give them when they ask but additional information should be guarded and kept to yourself.

4. Request Information. Make sure that you request a copy of the information and documents from the examination. This will allow you and possibly your lawyer to have the same information that the insurance company has access to.

Be sure to follow these steps so that you are able to successfully complete your medical examination (from specialists such as UMC Medical Consultants, P.C.). Remember that honesty is always the best policy and if you are truly injured and sincere about it, the examination should go very smoothly.